About Me

Growing up, I always felt I was different, and in my teens, I struggled to come to terms with my sexuality; eventually coming out as gay in my early 20s. I started drinking at around 15, but coming out propelled my drinking to new levels. In those early days on the gay scene in Soho, I was also introduced to recreational drugs, which along with Alcohol, I would continue to dabble in until my late 30s. Alcohol, however, continued to feature heavily in my life for a lot longer.

In 2015 following redundancy from my job, I had a mental breakdown, life became unmanageable, but I still found the time and money to drink. After a year off work and now with crippling depression and anxiety, I knew I had to get myself back into the workplace. I started to rebuild my life, Alcohol still in tow. Things began to get better for me, and I started to earn more money again, but no matter how much I made, I was still swimming in debt; the only constant in my life was the Pub and pints of lager.

In 2019 things finally came to a head, and I decided I needed to get help; I reached out to AA but it wasn't right for me. Then, I discovered This Naked Mind, and I haven't looked back. Since stopping Alcohol, I no longer suffer from depression and anxiety and have stopped all medication. In 2021 I cleared all my debt, moved to the countryside with my long-term partner, and we got our beautiful dog, Luna.

Today I am T total & Proud.

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I am passionate about coaching people to live authentic lives.
Free to be the best version of themselves and thrive in the World, fully self-expressed and embracing their individuality. Free to Love and be Loved.
It can be hard to come out and express our true Identities. Finding our scene or place to be can be liberating, somewhere we feel safe and accepted. Alcohol seems to help us relax, feel more confident or just blot out the things that challenge us.
For some of us, Alcohol starts to become part of our identity, something we can't seem to stop doing, and we can't see any possible way out. 
BUT.........Just because we can't see possibilities doesn't mean they are not there. With Compassion-led and Science-based Coaching. I can help you re-discover who YOU are, ready to create a life you Love, Free from Alcohol.

This Naked Mind  Certified Coach

Using the groundbreaking methodology and coaching techniques developed by Annie Grace, Author of This Naked Mind.
The T total Coach will lead you through a personal transformation plan, where Alcohol becomes something you can take of leave. Without the need for willpower.
By becoming aware of the outdated beliefs you hold about Alcohol, you will develop the ability to transform them into powerful new possibilities.
Taking Control of Alcohol & Creating A Life You Love.

Powered by Dolly

Dolly was My Grandmother, who passed away in September 2021.
She was the first person in my family to embrace my sexuality and welcomed my partner into our family.
Through her financial legacy and that of my late Grandfather Les, The T total Coach has been made possible.