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My Name is John Lewis, A Certified This Naked Mind Coach, and creator of the 12-week T total Coach program. Although our stories may be very different, there’s one truth that unites us all…


the desire for change.



If you’re like me, the journey from casual drinking to questioning your relationship with alcohol probably didn’t happen overnight. Instead, the impact of booze begins to slowly seep into every aspect of your existence, and before you know it, you can hardly imagine your life without it.


Well, I’m here to tell you thankfully, it does NOT have to be this way.


I first began to dabble with drinking at 15 years old, but, like many of us, alcohol didn’t become a fixture in my life until my early twenties. As a newly-out gay man who spent the majority of his life trying to come to terms with his sexuality, I threw myself head first into SoHo’s substance-driven gay scene, experimenting with recreational drugs and taking in all that life had to offer (or so I thought.)


While I began to out grow the party life, one substance in my life remained steady: alcohol. In 2015, I began to struggle with severe anxiety and depression, ultimately resulting in a massive mental breakdown that left me unemployed, in debt, and the most miserable that I had ever been.


Now, here’s the kicker: No matter how much I struggled, I always found the time (and money) to drink. After all, alcohol was helping me cope, right?


So, it should come as little surprise that even as I landed back on my feet professionally and financially, alcohol continued to chip away at my life until it became clear to me that something had to give.


But after attending an AA meeting and quickly learning that the traditional 12-step approach was simply not for me, I couldn’t help but feel as if there were NO resources for the not-yet-rock-bottom-drinkers like me.


Until I discovered This Naked Mind.


This transformative approach to Alcohol Freedom doesn’t just show you how to stop drinking; it flips the script entirely and allows you to see yourself and your relationship with alcohol in a new light. Most importantly, it empowers you with the tools you need to rewrite your own story, whether you plan on quitting for good or just cutting back.


Today, I’m proud to say that my life is overflowing with abundance, including sharing a loving relationship with my long-term partner and abolishing my debts for good. Now, I’m here to support you as you rewrite your own story.

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She was the first person in my family to embrace my sexuality and welcomed my partner into our family.
Through her financial legacy and that of my late Grandfather Les,        The T total Coach has been made possible.