For anyone who’s ever thought of themselves as being alcohol-dependent because…
>> They wake up feeling hungover, sluggish or overwhelmed
>> Say they won’t drink that day but finish the night off with a few glasses
>> Limit themselves to 2 beers when they go out, but end up having many more
Here’s the truth…
That doesn’t make someone an alcoholic!
But those who want to be reasonable and responsible when drinking…...


They can get this FREE guide to building a better relationship with alcohol!
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If you've ever wondered whether you're relying

too much on alcohol because...


✅  Mornings start with hangovers and sluggishness

✅  You plan to skip drinking but end up with a few glasses later

✅  Going out for just 2 beers somehow turns into more


Guess what? You're not alone, and it doesn't automatically mean you're an alcoholic!


But if you're keen on enjoying alcohol more reasonably and responsibly... Grab this FREE guide to help you build a better, healthier connection with drinking!


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With 1-1 Coaching, It's easier than you think, and you won't feel like you are missing out.

You're smart, driven, and achieve incredible things, but how much more could be possible?


What would life look like without Alcohol as part of the equation? What would you do with more Time, Money, and Energy?

The T total Coach can help you build a new future where Alcohol takes up less time and space in your life. All you need is the right plan.


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Stop trying to quit and take the pressure off. Trying to force change does NOT work. Pause, reflect and get clear on your goals.


Take time to understand the FACTS. Using the latest scientific research, you will understand how Alcohol works on the body and in the brain.


With Clear goals and a New understanding. It's time to take NEW actions. Take a 30-day break and experience life alcohol-Free.


Equipped with a New mindset and a New relationship with Alcohol. Nurturing a Life you Love is key to creating lasting change.

Moving through The P.L.A.N you will be supported by world-class, innovative coaching techniques using the latest This Naked Mind methodology. You will explore your limiting thoughts and beliefs around alcohol as well as other areas of your life where you currently feel a lack of power or self-expression.

The P.L.A.N will open you up to new possibilities that are currently unavailable to you. With powerful tactics and resources, you will shift your relationship with Alcohol and be left with all the tools you need to build A Life You Love. 

Join me and Annie Grace,

Author of This Naked Mind


We discuss my journey to Alcohol Freedom, touching on my experiences growing up grappling with my sexuality and the common traumas many LGBTQIA+ individuals face while coming to terms with their identity. We also explore how drugs and alcohol became coping mechanisms. Ultimately, we focus on how I found liberation from alcohol, marking a significant turning point in my life.

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