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Dissolve unproductive drinking patterns and reimagine your life with the help of a compassionate Alcohol Coach who has been there, done that, and transformed for the better.


You’re Not Here By Accident…

If you landed on this page, there’s a good chance a little voice in the back of your mind has been saying maybe, just maybe, it’s time to rethink the way you drink.


And the best part? You are NOT alone.

In fact, millions of people are making the choice to either cut back or completely eliminate the role of alcohol in their lives. All it takes is a little bit of inspiration and the right support system to help you discover the methods that work for you.

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That’s Where 

The T total Coach Comes In…


For the past 2 years, I've been helping a diverse community of adults better understand the subconscious patterns at the root of their drinking, rethink the way they socialise, and discover the lush abundance that comes with the teetotal lifestyle. With Coaching, you can finally go from…



❌ Dreading waking up with a mind-numbing hangover.

❌ Feeling like you don’t know how to let loose without overdoing it.

❌ Constantly saying you’ll only have 1 drink,

Spoiler Alert: You won’t.

❌ Spending way too much time and money on alcohol.



✅ Waking up each day feeling fresh, renewed, and hangover-free.

✅ Rediscovering the parts of yourself that alcohol has kept hidden.

✅ Learning how to feel alive again in every social situation.

✅ Reclaiming your control over alcohol once and for all.

Why Work With An Alcohol Coach?


Now, I know what you’re thinking: I’m not an alcoholic, so why do I need advice from an alcohol coach? Well, the truth is that you don’t need to hit rock bottom to feel the impacts of a social life ruled by alcohol. Here’s what Coaching can do for you:

Clear Your Mind

Did you know you don't have to have a drink in your hand to feel the impact of alcohol in your life? Habitual drinking disrupts sleep cycles, impairs our ability to experience joy, and leaves us feeling drained. Together, we'll work through the lingering brain fog and strive to create a clear lens for you to view your relationship with alcohol.


Reframe Your Judgements

When it comes to alcohol, there is a LOT of misinformation and, frankly, harmful narratives that desperately need to be addressed. I’m here to help you reframe any preconceived notions you may have about drinking, teetotal living, and more. So, you can take charge of your life once and for all.


Curate Your Life

Removing or limiting alcohol in your life doesn’t have to mean giving anything up. Instead, I’ll work with you to reignite the spark of inspiration that may have been dulled by alcohol, giving you the freedom to rediscover yourself and the hobbies, activities, and ideas that bring you the most joy. Most importantly, we’re going to have a really good time doing it.

A Message From

The T Total Coach:


Hey Welcome

I’m John, A This Naked Mind Certified Coach, proud Gay Man, and former over-drinker.

When I started The T total Coach, I did it with one goal in mind: To offer Science-based, compassionate Coaching to anyone who has ever felt like alcohol was controlling them, not the other way around.

Today, I’m proud to say that my transformative 12-week program has helped dozens of my clients take back their power and unlock the most authentic version of themselves without feeling the need to dilute their spirit.

When you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, inner healing, and radical transformation, I’m here to empower you every step of the way.

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Still Feeling “Sober Curious?”

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Stories from The T total Community

John is an 100% amazing coach and an awesome guy!! He is an excellent listener, and he always leaves me feeling inspired, confident, and hopeful about my life and whatever it is I'm up to either with my relationship with alcohol or with everyone and everything else in my life. John has the unique gift of listening for what is possible and reflecting back in a way that always feels safe, loving, practical, and genuinely empowering. I also think John has mastered the TNM material in a way where he adds it to our conversations with ease in ways that keep you engaged with the material. 

David Arizona USA

"After a major drinking binge, knowing I didn't want to carry on with repetitive behaviour patterns and the feeling of hopelessness.

I reached out for help, and John really listened to my concerns.

His approach to understanding the causes and looking at the deeper problem gave me insight into changing my thoughts, behaviour and actions and looking at alcohol in another way".

Jamie Brighton UK

As soon as I spoke with John I felt relaxed and comfortable. I really felt able to open up honestly about the problems in my life.

John is a great listener and has offered advice about any situation that has arisen in the session. Through this advice I have been able to go away and work out the problems for myself which subconsciously had an effect on my recovery.

Steven Manchester UK

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