The 12-Week Journey

To Total Alcohol Freedom


Rethinking the way you drink and unlock your most authentic self with an innovative, personalized program designed with the “sober curious” at heart.

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Here’s A Question For You…


Have you ever felt the pull towards a more teetotal-inspired lifestyle but couldn't find any resources beyond traditional AA programs?


Then, this program was made just for you.


After 4+ years of fine-tuning my own unique approach to alcohol-free living, I’m here to guide you on a transformative 12-week journey to rediscovering your life without alcohol.


What You DON’T Need For This Program:


  •  To identify as an alcoholic.

  •  To commit to being teetotal  

  •  To follow the 12-Step program.


Now, Here’s What You DO Need:


  •  A curious mind and an open heart.

  •  The willingness to take a bold new direction in life.

  •  The eagerness to understand the scientific and societal impacts of drinking.

It All Starts With WHY:


The path to healing our relationship with alcohol starts by asking why. In my experience, there are usually 3 BIG reasons why alcohol seems to have a chokehold on our existence:




Society likes to drink…a LOT. From office parties to pride festivals and every event in between, we’ve been trained to believe that booze = fun. Now, it’s time to change that.




With time, alcohol use quite literally rewires the pleasure receptors in your brain. Together, we’ll work towards resetting your mind for total mental clarity.




Still can’t put a finger on why you drink? The answer is likely lingering within your subconscious mind, and I’m here to help you reveal the truth to yourself.

How The 12-Week Program Works:


FREE Discovery Call

First, we want to make sure we are a good fit to work together, In this FREE session We’ll dive deep into your current drinking habits, background, and other factors that might be impacting your relationship with alcohol to determine if my approach as an alcohol coach is the right match for your needs.


Weekly 1:1 Coaching

Our weekly check-in calls will allow me to support your transformation in real-time, unpacking any challenges, evaluating your feelings, and paving the way for lasting success.


Non-Stop Support

Throughout each week, I make myself available via email and through Marco Polo, ensuring I’m always here if you have a question or just need to vent.


30-Day Alchohol Experiment

This science-driven approach will give you a unique insight into the way booze impacts your daily life so you can start making empowered choices about the path you take in the future.


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